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Hackr.io lets you share and discover the best programming tutorials and courses online. Hackr.io lets developers submit, vote, and rank the best learning resources they find online. Hackr.io was #1 on Product Hunt, Hacker News and Reddit Programming. It still continues to be in the Product Hunt 50 Most Upvoted Products ever

Hackr.io is available on web, Android and iOS. The mobile apps are built using React Native.


Spectrum for AWS Cloudwatch


Spectrum gives you a simple dashboard for your AWS CloudWatch alarms and makes it super easy (and sometimes even fun!) to keep a watch on your servers without deploying complicated server monitoring software. E-mail, web push and SMS notifications are also included right off the shelf.

Spectrum is also available on Android.


Excuser for Android Wear


Excuser is our first smartwatch app for Android Wear which makes a fake incoming call on your phone when the user shakes his wrist. Can be used in a variety of applications - Escaping boring office meetings, arguments going nowhere, boring concerts etc


Old / Archived Products



ClipPod is Google Calendar with shared notes and attachments. Get all your meeting essentials at one place.


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