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Here's a brief description of our work with iDreamCareer.

Move to AWS:

iDreamCareer entire technology stack was moved over to Amazon Web Services to be able to take benefits of the entire suite of services including EC2, S3, Cloudfront, Route 53, Cloudwatch etc.

Scalability Improvements:

iDreamCareer had run into major performance bottlenecks and could not process more than 8-10 assessments in parallel because of certain coding practices followed by previous developers. We helped iDreamCareer rectify this and make the platform infinitely scalable.

Server Monitoring:

We had setup multiple fully-automatic downtime and performance alerts to monitor server side performance and get alerted on email and phone incase there is any degradation in performance or a complete failiure in any of the systems or subsystems.

Product Development:

The entire iDreamCareer homepage and front-end was optimized and revamped a couple of times keeping in mind that the homepage needs to explain the iDreamCareer product offering in detail and generate more leads. Multiple conversion optimized landing pages were also created for running paid ad-campaigns.

In addition, many new features were built and improved in the core offering of the company which included entrance examination alert systems, CRM integrations, changes in product flows and tweaks to the existing assessment and counselling platforms.

Product brainstorming with the founders:

With the several years of web and product experience we carry with us, we often used to have lengthy meetings and phone calls with the iDreamCareer team discussing ideas and possibilities to improve everything in iDreamCareer including product roadmaps, getting more signups, optimizing user flows etc. Many product features on iDreamCareer today are a result of those discussions.

Where iDreamCareer stands now:

iDreamCareer raised individual (angel) funding through ah! Ventures, with participation of Indian Designs Group and others. The company had earlier raised funds in 2013 from G.K. Sinha, a former director at beverage maker PepsiCo. In May 2016, iDreamCareer raised pre-series A funding from The Times of India publisher BCCL’s (Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd’s) strategic investment arm, Brand Capital.

iDreamCareer has recently gone international with tie ups with many schools in Muscat and other countries. In addition, the company has entered into a strategic tie up with Times of India's Mission Admission program to offer counselling and assessment services.

What iDreamCareer says about us

I worked closely with Gaurav when he started taking care of IT requirements for He is a techie in a real sense and an ideal CTO for an innovative tech company. For any roadblocks / challenges we faced he always had quick solutions. We signed up with him for iDC's tech requirements at the time when we were struggling with our previous IT vendor and since then we never had complaints about our product implementations.
Co-Founder at iDreamCareer

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