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KleverKid approached us when they had done a proof-of-concept of their product using a simple Wordpress blog and had decided that now it's time to build the complete thing from scratch and get it right. Here's what we did for KleverKid:

Web UI and complete backend:

The entire UI and every feature on the KleverKid website has been built from ground up. This included everything from the homepage, search (implemented using Algolia), listing pages, merchant dashboard, parent dashboard, payment gateway integrations, admin panels for internal use, analytics, SMS and email integration, third party integrations, blog etc.

Mobile API's:

We implemented RESTful API's for KleverKid's external and internal mobile developers to build their Android application.

KleverKid iPhone App:

We built the KleverKid iPhone app using Phonegap. The app was intentionally kept simple because the idea was to test the waters before spending considerable time perfecting it.


Considerable time was invested to help get KleverKid's SEO strategies right with the help of their internal SEO advisors. We tried to learn best practices by understanding SEO techniques followed by similar products in other domains and implemented the relevant ones for KleverKid.


KleverKid agrees with our philosophy of "nobody likes slow websites". We spent considerable amount of time architecting and engineering solutions which would work at massive scale. Page load performance was benchmarked several times and many backend and frontend optimizations were implemented.

Server Monitoring:

We had setup multiple fully-automatic downtime and performance alerts to monitor server side performance and get alerted on email and phone incase there is any degradation in performance or a complete failiure in any of the systems or subsystems.

Product brainstorming with the founders:

With the several years of web and product experience we carry with us, we often used to have lengthy meetings and phone calls with the KleverKid team discussing ideas and possibilities to improve everything in KleverKid including product roadmaps, getting more traffic, increasing signups, optimizing user flows etc. Many product features on KleverKid today are a result of those discussions.

Coordination with KleverKid's internal development teams:

In the later stages of our work with KleverKid, their team hired a couple of mobile and web engineers to take up a part of the development work. Our team assisted their entire development team with their onboarding, rigorous code reviews and later on the full handover of the entire product.

Where KleverKid stands now:

In May 2015, KleverKid raised seed funding from Aarin Capital (an investment firm set up by Manipal group scion Ranjan Pai and former Infosys director Mohandas Pai). A group of angel investors including Sunil Kaul of The Carlyle Group, Anand Kallugadde, CEO of Neobytes and impact investor Maina Sahi also participated in the round.

What KleverKid says about us

Gaurav has been an incredible developer, visionary, and human being I've had the pleasure of working with over the last 6 months. He understands at a very deep level how to take high level product requirements, break them down into small pieces for his dev team, and execute in a timely and accurate fashion. He's also become someone I trust and rely on heavily, he's been available at all hours of my sleepless nights to answer questions and offer suggestions to make our product better.
Founder at KleverKid



Gaurav comes with an extensive experience of working with large products and products that have grown exponentially. He is a perfect startup techie who not only knows what needs to be done on the tech side, but understands business also very well. His insights helped us to make a very stable and a scalable product. He never compromises on quality, scalability and security.

If you are looking for a CTO and are having a hard time finding one, Gaurav is the man who can help you do everything your ideal CTO would have done. Gaurav has a team of brilliant engineers under him who not only take care of the quality of the code but will also make sure it is delivered on time or before time. I have learnt a lot from Gaurav and he's been my mentor throughout. It's been a pleasure working with him and his team.
Web Developer at KleverKid



Gaurav is a exceptional developer, tries to meet deadlines on time. He is open for any kind of strange requests from clients. The way of handling the projects is unique and perfect. It was really great working with you for almost a year now. Learnt a lot from you on professionalism and commitment.
Product Manager at KleverKid

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