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Our work and contribution in Lenro.

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Here's a brief description of our work with Lenro.

Product Development:

Lenro approached us after being taken for a complete ride by another IT company which promised the moon but delivered a buggy and sub-standard product, which the founders reluctantly launched. We initially fixed a few bugs in the system but later on decided to revamp the entire system altogether. Lenro's entire website including the UI was redesigned and rewritten from scratch.

Android Application:

We have implemented a simple Android app for Lenro with minimal functionality to test the waters regarding production adoption and usage trends on mobile devices. The app was designed and developed from scratch by our team.


We implemented nearly all possible on-page SEO practices across the website, by structuring all user content in a way that can be semantically better understood by search engines.

Server Monitoring:

We had setup multiple fully-automatic downtime and performance alerts to monitor server side performance and get alerted on email and phone incase there is any degradation in performance or a complete failiure in any of the systems or subsystems.

Product brainstorming with the founders:

With the several years of web and product experience we carry with us, we often used to have lengthy meetings and phone calls with the Lenro team discussing ideas and possibilities to improve everything in Lenro including product roadmaps, getting more traffic, increasing signups, optimizing user flows etc. Many product features on Lenro today are a result of those discussions.

Where Lenro stands now:

Lenro has been able to attract significant media attention with it's unique concept and well executed product - Lenro got featured in Hindustan Times and recently also got prime time news coverage on Zee News.

What Lenro says about us

It's a pleasure to work with Gaurav. In addition to awesome technical skills, he has remarkable knowledge on UX and in nearly every other function of startup. While working with him for Lenro, I've realized that he works as a partner and is always fully committed to your startup's goals.

He can give you wise suggestions that can save you a lot of time, money and energy. The way he handles the entire SquareBoat team is commendable. I would love to work with him forever...
Founder at Lenro

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