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Our work and contribution in StyCity.

StyCity - Beauty, Fitness, Wellness, Sports booked from your phone

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Here's a brief description of our work with StyCity.

Mobile API's:

We provided RESTful API's for the StyCity mobile team to build the user interface for their Android app.

Admin Panel:

The seemingly simple administration panel turned out be quite a complicated beast because we were dealing with features like differential pricing on the basis of timeslots, multiple bookings in one transaction, discounts and coupon codes, cashbacks, referral discounts, variable commission rates for each merchant etc. In addition, the admin panel provided a birds eye view of all merchants, activities, services, users, bookings, payments etc. available in the system as well as an interface to manage all the data.

Server Monitoring:

We had setup multiple fully-automatic downtime and performance alerts to monitor server side performance and get alerted on email and phone incase there is any degradation in performance or a complete failiure in any of the systems or subsystems.

Product Homepage:

The product homepage for StyCity not only has a beautiful responsive design but also does a great job at explaining StyCity's intended purpose at a glance and is able to drive substantial users to download and try the mobile app.

Product brainstorming with the founders:

With the several years of web and product experience we carry with us, we often used to have lengthy meetings and phone calls with the StyCity team discussing ideas and possibilities to improve everything in StyCity including product roadmaps, getting more downloads, optimizing user flows etc. Many product features on StyCity today are a result of those discussions.

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