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The sky is the limit in today's tech-driven era, and reaching as many customers as possible creates the impact and shows the difference between a lively app and a dull app. Since, hybrid app development enables the apps of the different operating systems to commission and share the same core code, eventually making the entire development process cheaper and faster.

Hybrid mobile applications are developed using typical web technologies such as CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript, then put inside a native app shell, like Ionic. Such native containers run the web app code and package it into an application, which then runs as a locally installed application on the device. Hybrid app development mostly needs just one code base for several platforms. A hybrid mobile app developer can develop it once and then utilizing a bridging technology such as Ionic, submit the application to all platforms (Android, iOS, or Windows.) and reach a diverse audience by uniting the best of both worlds. Hybrid apps syndicate characteristics of native and web-based applications. They are considered to be a lucrative way to provide compatibility with multiple platforms. We have vast expertise in hybrid mobile app development services offering the best user experience. With years of experience in the hybrid app development industry, we have gained enough knowledge and raised the bar of our tech-expertise in the hybrid app development field in the following aspects:

  • HTML5 App Development
  • Hybrid App Design & Development
  • Hybrid App Integration
  • JQuery Mobile App Development
  • PhoneGap App Development
  • Sencha Touch Development

Hybrid application development engages native app features and capabilities and also serves to put developers and companies on the trail towards the adoption of HTML5 mobile app development. Fundamentally, a hybrid app is a native app that runs most, if not all, of its UI in an embedded browser component. To consumers, native apps and hybrid apps are nearly indistinguishable from one another: both are downloaded from a place like Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, both are stored on a mobile device, and both are launched in a similar manner. The real difference lies in the hybrid app development side of the developers. So rather than having developers recode the application from scratch for each mobile platform, they are writing part of the app’s code in CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript, giving them the capability to reuse it across multiple mobile operating systems. Hybrid mobile application development enables you to leverage the best of both mobile and native web technologies. Squareboat can help you reduce costs and save time to build robust applications that can help your business.

Numerous platforms, devices, and technologies; the growth of the mobile industry is phenomenal. Today, companies are looking at opportunities to limit overhead costs and suppress uncertainties with solutions that can be used across several platforms. Here, hybrid mobile application development lets you produce an Android as well as an iOS mobile application using the same code. With the codebase written in HTML5 CSS3 and Javascript, hybrid mobile application lets you reuse the code across multiple mobile operating systems.

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Why choose Hybrid App Development Services?

  1. Budget-Friendly Yet Lucrative: We always wish to have our projects completed within the budget. And that needs to be ensured, especially when you are working with foreign companies and people to whom you are not in contact. Well, the hybrid mobile apps are affordable as compared to native mobile apps. You can expect it to cost less than half of the native apps. This can be considered as the most significant difference.
  2. Easy App Maintenance: Mobile app maintenance is another vital aspect of mobile app development. We can’t have the completion of our mobile apps without having full proof of developers’ support. Mobile apps need maintenance by all means. Hybrid apps do not require the decoding of each line but having to choose a single framework that suits the best app requirement making the maintenance very easy.
  3. No approval before updates: Generally, for the native mobile applications, there comes a consent thing that needs to be there from the particular app stores. Especially in the haste of updating the app features for the sake of customers' demands and need of the application, you would not want to sit back and hold your fire for the approval. Here in hybrid apps, there's no need to bring the support first. The application update approval efforts would be minimized to simple automatic updates in the apps, as well as granting permission for every single update would be obsolete.
  4. Offline Access: people tend to spend hours on the internet. But when there is no internet connectivity available, they rarely have anything to do with smartphones. But what if the smart apps allow the same access with no internet connection? Yes, the Hybrid app covers no internet connection issue. These apps have the ability to run without online connectivity, having online-offline switching modes.
  5. Scalable & Easy Development Phase: Hybrid mobile apps are based on cross-platform development, and hence they do not suffer from any platform dependency. Here developing is done once and then used for multiple platforms. This definitely consumes less time and make modules easy to accomplish. In contrary to the native apps, this won’t require to be specific for each different feature or resolution. Extremely easy to scale and create. The frameworks used here are smart enough to save development time.

Hybrid App Development Services

Squareboat offers a wide range of world-class professional hybrid application development services for our clients worldwide, from a bootstrapped startup to a large company.

  • Hybrid Mobile App Development: Our expert hybrid mobile app developers build your iOS & Android applications in an industry-leading framework like IBM Worklite, Ionic, PhoneGap, Sencha, Kendo UI from the ground up using best coding practices and libraries.
  • Independent Testing: Double-check your hybrid mobile apps with our product testing services, including functionality testing, code review, load testing, and more.
  • Migration to Hybrid Frameworks: Take advantage of hybrid apps, simpler code management & maintenance requirements, and migrate your mobile apps from other tech stacks to a popular hybrid mobile app framework.
  • Support & Maintenance: Join global brands that trust Net Solutions to provide support & maintenance services by moving your hybrid mobile app projects to our top mobile app developers.

Our mobile web app developers have vast experience in creating hybrid app solutions that work flawlessly across multiple operating systems and device platforms. Whether a tablet, smartphone, or laptop running on Android, iOS, or Windows, our hybrid application developers can build the solution to meet your business needs. We go to great lengths to ensure that the hybrid apps we produce are of high-quality and run effectively on all platforms. We have made businesses achieve exceptional cross-platform results with the assistance of the latest technology in hybrid application development. We are able to manage just any necessities placed by you, no matter the scale or complexity of your project. If you are looking for a hybrid mobile app development company, then Squareboat, with extensive expertise in enterprise and consumer mobile applications, will help develop the right hybrid app solution for your business.

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