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With iOS commanding an enormous growth in terms of monetization, organizations need professional iOS app Development Company as their partner to execute a mobile strategy, which keeps them ahead of the curve. The world’s most popular mobile platform, iOS, is also fun to develop apps for. At Squareboat, we deliver winning iPhone apps. We have a dedicated crew of Apple master coders who talk in Swift and Objective-C and have a fascination with the Cocoa Touch Framework and Cocoa.

Our Work Flow!

We provide you the iOS application you’ve always dreamt of. Programming tricks are easy to fall for; therefore, we must follow the most fundamental development methodology that spins around lesser development stages.

  1. Absorbing the concept (Wireframing, Mockups, and Prototyping)
    The second we obtain a new iOS app development project, we begin building various wireframes for the app project. Those mockups are presented to the customers for reference. Based on the accepted mockups, the final prototype is given to the client. The app development starts as soon as the client approves the prototype.
  2. Developing the application (Coding, Interfacing, and Debugging)
    Hundreds of hours of our developers’ time are dedicated to coding. That’s what they do. At times, the code is not self-sufficient and should be interfaced with a hardware component or a third-party service. Not every block of program is faultless and must be debugged numerous times before being incorporated into the source code.
  3. Deploying on App Store (Testing, Delivery, & Support)
    A team of quality analysts and testers test the app against several quality parameters and using distinct methodology. That's when we deliver the first demo application to the clients. We offer maintenance support and add features as the development progresses. Once the common bugs are fixed, and the app has all the required elements, we publish it.

The iPhone app market is incredibly profitable, but in order to be successful, you need an able application development company to produce the right functionalities, the right experience, the right rollout, and proper support. Making an iPhone app is always the best way to begin your app business. The iPhone still outlines the standard and allows your application to get exposed to a beneficial set of users. If your app has got an excellent experience quotient, you will effortlessly find buyers in iOS. However, for that to occur, you need a knowledgeable iPhone app development company and Squareboat is here to help you with it.

Our company has been in the business for 6+ years, and during that time, we have launched some of the most successful iOS apps to hit the App Store. Our iPhone app developers have comprehensive knowledge that spans across a timeline of 6+ years with a number of upgradations in design and programmatic conventions.

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Our Design and Development Process

Our designers are experienced with the flat design convention that is representative of iOS and other Apple devices. We have worked broadly with flat design, making apps for iOS 7, 8, 9, and now iOS 10. We start with a general blueprint of your application, its behavior, and get it accepted to get started. Our analysts go in-depth in defining what drives your company, what you hope to attain through iOS development, and what audience you’re trying to influence. Once we have a complete grasp of these metrics, we get down to the nuts and bolts of it all.

Our Team

One of the most noteworthy considerations when choosing an iOS app development company in Gurgaon is the team that will be accountable for bringing your app to life. Our team comprises of business experts and veterans. They know the ropes, but they’re also devoted to providing the best possible stability, operability, and functionality in your app. They’re obsessed with technology and equally obsessed with delivering the best customer experience and support possible.

An iOS Development Company Devoted to You

Everything we do as an iOS app development company is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible ROI and positioning in the market. We built a massive team in order to keep every feature of our process in house, and you’ll discover that we are also dedicated to saving you in the loop every step of the way. We provide detailed updates throughout the development process, but we also offer full analyses and strategizing for your applications' rollout and continued success. We’re with you in each step of the way, unlike many other iPhone app development companies. Squareboat has the capabilities, the experience, and the determination to take you from planning and design to execution and rollout stage, and further to the ongoing success. Our track records speak for themselves. Contact us today to know how we differ from other iOS app development companies and how we can take help you climb the ladder of success.

iOS App Development Services

  • Apple TV App Development: Regardless of what type of application you want to develop, our iOS app developers are adept at building all kinds of Apple TV apps from games to movie streaming and shopping and fitness apps.
  • Apple Watch App Development: Inclusive of a range of features like LTE and GPS, Apple Watch is not just a must-have platform for travel and fitness apps, but they are a valuable tool for payments and music streaming because of its safe connectivity with iPhone.
  • Custom iPhone App Development: We provide personalized iOS app development services to meet our client’s business requirements and specifications. We tailor your app with top functionalities and features, making it precisely the way you want it to be.
  • Hybrid iPhone App Development: Do you have your mind fixed on developing a hybrid app that runs on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows? Work with us and develop a hybrid app that smoothly runs on various platforms without any problem.
  • iPhone App UX/UI Designing: Want us to design UX/UI of your iOS app? Hire our iOS app designers now and get your application designed from us. We guarantee to create all sorts of iOS apps that are interactive and easy-to-access for your users.
  • Native iPhone App Development: Do you wish to develop a native iPhone app for your startup or business? Contact us today and discuss your iOS application idea to make it into a fruitful app that smoothly runs on all the iOS devices and platforms.

Being a top iOS app development company, we develop best in class native and cross-platform mobile apps. iPhone app development is considered the most crucial component of mobile strategy because of the highest penetration, which the iPhone has created. We are assisting individuals and companies by developing and deploying state-of-art iPhone apps. Not only we develop great iOS apps, but we also help in terms of app monetization and marketing. With a robust team of iPhone app developers and a ready-to-use framework, we speed up the course of app development and deploy the project according to the schedule.

Squareboat is a process-oriented iPhone app development company. We define a crisp outline in terms of the app design wireframe, document, functional document, programming, testing, UIs design, and deployment. At the commencement of the project, one of our business analysts has a detailed meeting to finalize the draft. Our mobile User Interface designers work closely with the client and design the layout, which is 100% in accordance with the customer’s requirements. After the design approval, programming is started, and standard deliveries are set.

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