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Native mobile app development includes building apps for specific mobile operating systems, and consumers access them from their devoted app stores (such as the App Store and Google Play). If you aim to develop an application for Android, app developers will use programming languages like Java or Kotlin. In contrast, developing for iOS calls for programming languages like Objective-C or Swift. Squareboat has rich experience in designing numerous native apps to meet your business requirements. Our distinguished team of developers performs the web apps and mobile app development process at a rapid pace. We deliver the app development faster and as per the requirements of the clients.

For companies that concentrate on user experience, native mobile apps are the best option. Native apps are developed in a particular programming language, i.e., or Swift or Objective C for iOS. No other applications can beat the native apps when it comes to reliability and performance. These apps run on mobile devices directly, and they have access to all mobile phone features such as camera, accelerometer, GPS, etc. Native application development is specific to given mobile platforms (Android or iOS), and they use the development tools and language specific to the respective platform, i.e., Eclipse, objective C, Java, or Xcode. And overall, if we equate the market and its business needs, Native apps are more intuitive as compared to hybrid applications. They get complete support from the relevant app stores and are completely secure. Squareboat develops native mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Our specialists are impeccable in the art of building the most engaging, superior quality native mobile app over years of experience. We know the nitty-gritty of all the mobile platforms, and we deliver the best to our clients. Our expertise lies in creating remarkable applications that offer the best speed and have an unbeatable user experience for the end-users as we follow the finest industry practices in native app development to provide comprehensively customized solutions.

Nowadays, whenever enterprises want to build a mobile app, they always want the app developed and released in the market as soon as possible. This is because the company is either competing with their rivals or have a business opportunity untapped. On the other hand, the users will expect a great experience that is intuitive and responsive at high speed. The solution to this problem is “Native Applications,” which will guarantee the success of the mobile application. It solves the two main agendas for the user i.e., speed and user experience.

Benefits of Native Mobile App Development:
  • Flexible data synchronization
  • Offline access possible
  • Push capabilities
  • Takes complete advantage of all the device features
  • UX is exceptional

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Squareboat systems offer native mobile application development services and are instrumental in building performance-critical mobile apps. Squareboat is adequately equipped to provide solutions for all your mobile application development needs across an eclectic range of industries and businesses. We have excellent experience and expertise that help us strike the right balance between platform standards, client requirements, and UX.

Our teams of mobile development experts industriously and lucratively design, develop and deploy mobility solutions that strive to meet the client’s unique business requirements. Our mobile app development team works closely with the clients to make sure that the development services are in adherence to the business requirements and client specifications.

The development of these custom mobile apps is streamlined to function seamlessly on major mobile operating systems such as IOS and Android platforms. Squareboat’s Native Mobile App Development Services ensures complete end-to-end development and delivery of mobile applications, within the shortest time frames possible.

Why choose Squareboat for Native App Development Services?

  • Highly Experienced Caretaker: Our team is experienced in dedicated areas of their structural domain, and their proficiency ranges from creating unique mobile apps for specific operating systems like Android and iOS along with wearable gear.
  • Quality Assurance: Each line of code is Quality Assured. We ensure every line of code turns into reasonable solutions customized for your business, goals & ambitions through structured design and stringent coding practices,
  • Support and Maintenance: Our cutting-edge Mobile App monitoring systems ensure the condition and health of your application infrastructure always; we follow system uptime, crash analytics, and response times, so your application adheres to your actual objective.
  • Top-Notch Creative UI/UX Designers: Our designers settle for nothing less than perfect and work religiously on your target audiences; needs and integrate the market research, case studies, and cultural trends, to explore much about your user base.
  • Fairly-Priced: We offer app solutions on budget and on-time. We have the best mobile app developers, who can efficiently and cost-effectively develop an app that can adapt to your business requirements.
  • We Deliver Client Satisfaction: What makes us unique is our ability to create elegant and innovative UI that provide client satisfaction as well as customer delight as a result of our result-oriented approach and standardized communication process.

React Native, Squareboat develop absurdly prodigious web and mobile app, offering ample opportunities to explore numerous way Squareboat build apps. Get benefit from Squareboat React Native development services exclusively delivered for all the business from Brands, SMEs, and startups.

Native Application Development Service provided by Squareboat.

  • Native apps require continuous updates for downloading from time to time as they need to operate in the standalone mode itself, and it can get synchronized automatically between mobile and the app store.
  • Our best in class native app development services allow our clients to merge a mobile application with their website to provide new efficacy to their customers and to send a quick extract of information.
  • We develop highly safe and secure native apps for clients around the globe, and these can also get support from the marketplace or the app store.
  • While developing the native applications, we keep in mind about efficiency and quality-oriented performance by including class apart features.

Our Mobile App Development Strategies are based on:

  1. Commence the development of the application with the aid of a simulator
  2. Test the application in specific targeted devices (Android/ iPhone/iPad)
  3. Automating the mobile application testing process using Testing tools
  4. Code is deployed in production only after ensuring successful trials on Beta devices

These steps provide a speedy debug cycle to flush out any earlier issues that might have been. For Native iOS & Android development, Squareboat is the one-stop solution across every realm of application development such as concept, design, development, testing, & launching. Squareboat utilizes modern testing tools like Appium Testing to ensure delivering value-added, cost-effective, excellent quality services to meet a broad range of requirements in order to help clients gain a higher ROI for their mobile marketing strategies and mobile technology initiative. Mobile applications are ever-evolving, and we strive to evolve and meet these ever-growing challenges in the world of mobile apps.

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