8 Ground-Breaking Software Development Trends ruling 2020

There’s no industry that doesn’t witness change over time. And when it comes to technology, change is more frequent and drastic than several other industries. Over the years, the IT sector has seen some of the most disruptive fluctuations in ideologies. From SDLC to Agile to modern-day IoT and Blockchain, it seems every year, a new trend sweeps tech circles. But it can never be said with conviction which trend will fade with time and which will stick around for a few years. Toward the end of every year, pretty much everybody makes forecasts about new innovation, top innovation patterns and future business patterns. The truth of the matter is the three have gotten indistinguishable.
Software Development will keep on pushing out to the edge of endeavours, yet not to designers' detriment. Indeed, developers will stay elementary to organizations' capacity to grow. Customary engineers and citizen designers will utilize their critical thinking ability to help separate their organizations, which will bring about the production of more applications that improve operational execution and client encounters.

Top Software Development Trends 2020

None-the-less, with Gartner’s prediction that the software industry will experience a growth rate of 8.3 per cent in 2020, we can safely assume that some of these new waves are here to stay, and hope that some are yet to come. On that note, let’s take a quick look at the top software development trends that are set to rule the markets in 2020.

1. Blockchain

Probably the most talked-about tech trend this year is Blockchain. While its core application lies in the financial sector, today Blockchain use cases are cropping up in diverse industries like insurance, IT, healthcare, as well as retail. With giants like Apple and JP Morgan exploring this technology for different purposes, experts assume 2020 will witness huge investments in this technology. Key Blockchain use cases that have already been identified include smart contracts, supply chain management, distribution of data, and identity management.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Today, there would hardly be a home or office where Alexa, Siri, and Google haven’t penetrated. So deeply have these technologies impacted our lives that even kids know how to make them function. Not just personal use, AI has infiltrated almost every industry; from hospitality to healthcare and e-commerce, AI is all the rage in 2020 and beyond. IDC predicts that by 2022, as many as 30% of worldwide enterprises will utilize conversational speech tech for customer engagement. Not just AI, its subsets like Machine Learning and Deep Learning are also gaining traction among businesses.  The offsprings of AI namely ML (Machine Learning) and Deep Learning, are receiving steady fame among businesses and organisations. An ever-increasing number of organisations are taking AI and ML benefits as a need of the hour.  AI extemporises business errands and makes them straightforward. It has given the web application designers splendid help in experimentation. This has made AI arrive at medicinal services, banking, instruction, arithmetic, and so much more. 

Artificial Intelligence

3. IoT (Internet of Things)

A quick look around is enough to reveal how deeply IoT has set its root into consumer lives. From health-tracking wearable devices to smart air and water purifiers, every second machine we see around is powered by IoT. And the craze is only spreading. According to David Evans (former CISCO researcher), every second as many as 127 new devices are connected to the Internet. With that kind of exponential growth that’s happening right now, imagine where IoT stands by the end of the year. And not just devices, automobiles are connected to the Internet too. PWC estimates that by 2020 over 90% of the automobiles will be IoT enabled.

4. Progressive Web Apps

PWA or Progressive Web Apps are nothing but the perfect blend of mobile and web applications. They are totally unique in relation to standard mobile applications. Their script, which is also called service worker, is an indispensable part whereupon they significantly work. They are anything but difficult to create and keep up, which has pulled in numerous mobile application development organizations to essentially concentrate on them in the previous few years. These applications can be stacked extremely quick even with low web speed. Having a progressive web app developed for your business can help you boost your sales to a great extent and also amplify your customer base.

5. 5G Network

The wait is over and finally, a myriad times quicker system than 4G is set to hit the ground to stun us! It is the 5G network that is said to enter the market before the year 2020 is over. Conjectured to give a more extensive scope of the network, 5G is attracting a ton of software development companies. It has been presumed that 5G will give advanced information security. Besides, the VR application development like 3D gaming will likewise improve alongside expanded reality empowered applications. Not just the market, but the common people are also enthusiastically waiting for 5G to launch.

6. Cloud Services

Cloud has been in the industry for quite a while now; however, it still makes its way in each of the list mentioning the latest software development trends. Indeed, even trends mentioned in this rundown, for example, IoT, PWAs and Blockchain work as a cloud service. The issue of information stockpiling is genuine and cloud offers a reliable and safe option in regards to that. The market is migrating from utilising physical information servers to cloud and your business should turn into a piece of it ASAP. By the utilisation of cloud in software development, you can accelerate the whole procedure as well as increment straightforwardness and decline the general task costs. This offers new open doors for designers as well as permits organisations to improve. The scope of cloud administrations is expanding and it as of now has entered divisions like coordinations, medicinal services, fund, and that's just the beginning. Kinds of cloud computing, for example, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are as of now being utilised by organisations to help the general productivity of the development procedure. For example, PaaS assists with creating and running applications without really constructing them. The utilization of cloud benefits in programming improvement will just increase and you should begin utilizing its capacity for your business at the most punctual.

7. Software Architecture: The Return of Microservices Architecture

In the Software Architecture worldview, the move towards Microservice Architecture proceeded in 2019 as appeared by Google Trends. As the business moves towards Cloud in 2020 and past, the Microservices Architecture will be increasingly predominant. One of the primary purposes behind the ascent of Microservice Architecture is that it fits flawlessly with Cloud Native, quick software development. There will likewise be a pattern to return to Monolithic Software Architecture concerning many use cases, Microservice Architecture is pointless and planning Microservice Architecture is frustrating.

8. React will still be on Top

In spite of the fact that it came after AngularJS, React has the greatest effect on Web Development in the most recent decade and protected Facebook in its battle with Google+. React got some crisp and creative thoughts in Frontend development, for example, Virtual Dom, One-way information binding, Event Sourcing, Component-based development and much more. It affected the network in such gravity that Google disposed of AngularJS and totally revamped Angular2+ by obtaining ideas from React. It is by a long shot the most prevailing and stable JavaScript Web Framework and is set to rule the market in the coming years too.


With Google Trends depicting a continuous increase in the search volume of these technologies over the past 5 years, the latest trends in software development have also increased, the interest in them is only expected to grow in the coming years. One of the key aspects of these technologies is that they aren’t limited to verticals; they’re more of horizontals that come with the promise of having the potential to transform the way we live. With a change in technology, software development trends have also reached a level where it is benefitting the companies to grow their business.  There are numerous software industry trends that we need to adapt to our business that can result in growth. the pace with which they are capturing imaginations, organizations have no choice but to adapt to them and incorporate them within their workings such that they aren’t left behind. These software development trends mentioned above are sure to keep you updated and have an upper hand over your competition.

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