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What started off as a stepping stone for startups has now become a trendsetter for large corporate houses. Growth Hacking, though relatively new, has already captured the minds of the best in the business. It involves acquiring as many customers as possible while making as little investment as possible. Primarily devised as a strategy for early-stage businesses that target massive growth in a short time on small budgets, this marketing formula has transformed into more of an approach today.

Are you a startup looking to achieve maximum growth in minimum time?

Squareboat can help!

At Squareboat, we have devised tried and tested Growth Hacking strategies that can help you maximize your ROI and reach your business goals faster. Our consultants work closely as your strategic partners to guide you along your growth journey. Through years of delivering value, we’ve amassed extensive experience across several industry verticals – from ecommerce to retail, hospitality, B2B, and more. We know what works for your industry!

Key Growth Areas We Target
  • Increasing Customer Acquisition
  • Improving Customer Retention
  • Optimizing Customer Activation
  • Generating More Revenue

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We offer an exciting range of Growth Hacking Services

Mixpanel (Technology)

Social Media Marketing

Squareboat realizes that social media has a huge impact on the preferences and activities of global consumers. To help you maximize your business reach, our talented growth hackers work proactively to manage your social media presence and increase the awareness for your brand. We make sure you capture new leads and tap into more audiences through beat-in-class social media marketing services.
Google Analytics (Technology)

Content Creation

In this day and age of creating compelling content to appeal to new and existing audiences, our experts lend a helping hand to create the right kind of blog posts, website copies, emails and social media posts to broaden your grasp of the markets. We are a Growth Hacking Agency that takes pride in the quality of content that we produce and we assure you of prompt and high-raking content marketing services.
Intercom (Technology)


The best of business running efforts are futile if you don’t pay attention into building your brand’s value. Squareboat lends a helping and guiding hand for crafting a strong brand name for your business. Our teams put in their best attempts into building a unique and authentic brand image for your organization.
Intercom (Technology)

Web Design & Development

Squareboat offers best-in-class professional web design and development services that can benefit businesses and startups across the world. With focus on growth hacking strategies, we ensure that your online presence is such that you can engage existing audiences and reach more prospects every day.
Intercom (Technology)

ASO & Mobile Marketing

There are millions of apps available in leading app stores and thus, the biggest challenge today is making your app stand out from the competition. App Store Optimization (ASO) and Mobile Marketing techniques can help your apps achieve better rankings in app stores leading to more downloads and installations. Squareboat is home to ASO and mobile marketing experts who are well versed with strategies to make your app more visible and appealing.
Intercom (Technology)


We are a Growth Hacking Company that offers marketing consulting for companies of all sizes. In addition to consulting higher management, we also counsel teams with the idea and the commitment needed to drive more growth for your business. Our customers vary from established multinational companies to international start-ups.

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