Hudle- A Must-Have App For Every Sports Enthusiast

The ultra-modernization of our lifestyle and hectic work life reflect on the schedules of each one of us. Due to this, many tend to leave behind their passion. Some of us still strive to keep that little sports enthusiast in us alive by taking memberships of various sports clubs, the chances of visiting which are as rare as hen's teeth.

Well, you don't really need to shell out a hefty annual club membership fee to enjoy a once-in-a-blue-moon session of volleyball. Or, investing in a football club membership for that one odd day game once or twice a month doesn't sound very practical either. Fancy this: Download a mobile app that makes your desire of venturing out onto the ground, convenient, and cost-effective. All that you need to do is just scroll through options available, which can help you find a playmate and the right venue, and you're good to go. This app is none other than Hudle.;

Hudle is an app, or more precisely a community platform, meant for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Through this, you can discover and book locations around you for sports activities and find sports events organized in your city. More so, this application also helps you organize full-fledged matches and form teams, as a result of which you end up meeting new people and making more friends.

Available on both iOS and Android, this app helps you discover sports, organize activities, and also connect with players. But Hudle provides more than just that. Hudle is owned by Rhombus Sports Service Pvt. Ltd and has nearly 60 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. The most considerable part about this application is that it facilitates ease of collaboration and communication between sports enthusiasts. Plus, Hudle has features to discover new sports venues, payment gateway, SMS and Email confirmation, and an internal wallet along with a built-in photo gallery. It helps you find co-players, book sports venues, and organize events.; Hudle is a boon for the sport-loving community. This mobile application helps locate sports venues, events, and activities according to city and locality preferences and is obviously an encouragement for sports enthusiasts seeking collaboration.

The best thing is that other renowned sports such as Tennis, Swimming, Badminton– to name a few – are all available via the app. Hudle makes it easy to find and book a badminton court, a squash court, a swimming-pool class, or a skating rink. You can discover playgrounds, training centers, tournaments, adventure sports, even coaches.; It is the perfect platform for tournament organizers, too, as we have an excellent database of players, and they may end up participating in the tournament. This application, which proves to be equally vital for players, trainers, and organizers, provides online booking facilities, products, services, and offers an in-built gallery that may otherwise prove too cumbersome to manage. The interface ensures ease of use. The main objective of Hudle is to make sports accessible and enjoyable for every sports and fitness enthusiast.

How does Hudle work?

  1. Login using Google, Facebook, Email, or Mobile Number into the Hudle Consumer Application.
  2. Discover or search for sports venues as per your preference.
  3. Choose your time slot from the grid for booking.
  4. Apply coupon codes
  5. Pay using a credit card, debit card, or wallets
  6. Receive an email and SMS confirming your booking
  7. Enjoy playing your favorite sport!

Hudle Partner Application

Hudle Partner Application is the partner app for the venue owners to manage the information and bookings of their venue. The app enables the owners to:

  1. Manage venue details.
  2. View latest bookings
  3. Generate Sales report
  4. Add new venue/venue details
  5. Manage the staff
  6. Promote/Share the venue on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

Hudle Partner Application is an excellent way for sports venue owners to enlist their venue in Hudle and receive a high number of booking from sports enthusiasts all around the city looking for a one-day game or a long term collaboration.

If you are a sports enthusiast, you just can’t miss out on this awesome app to get going with your passion. If you want a mobile application for your business, you can contact us at

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