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DevOps Solutions best suited for businesses looking to serve their customers by providing more features in the platform in the shortest period without losing focus on quality. We combine the strength of Development + Operations so that the team can work in tandem to achieve business objectives.

DevOps combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to shorten the Systems Development Life Cycle while continuously and frequently delivering features, fixes, and updates. It is a set of practices that helps keep the entire SDLC in close alignment with the overall business objectives. If you’re planning to follow the approach, you’d require revisiting your company’s infrastructure and SDLC. Under DevOps, incomplete deployment and code testing are discarded in favor of more robust procedures like continuous development, continuous deployment, and continuous testing.

Squareboat offers stellar DevOps Consulting Services in Gurgaon so that you can establish a continuous delivery pipeline across cloud platforms at reduced costs. We help organizations update their SDLC practices with DevOps principles so that they can jump the progressive development wagon and bring about real change in their everyday work.

Just a few reasons our Services are considered the Best
  • We can design, set up, and manage new or existing cloud infrastructure
  • We provide clients with proper architecture, organized management, and optimized services

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Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration (CI) allows you to eliminate uncertainties from the release process. A CI pipeline ensures all code that you commit integrates well the entire system. Rigorous tests are conducted after each integration cycle to ensure there are no lapses in the system. Such tests allow errors and API compatibility breakages to be detected quicker.

Continuous Delivery and Deployment

Following the Continuous Delivery and Deployment approach, errors can be identified and rectified at the early stages, thus eliminating the chances of failure at the final stages. Squareboat is a DevOps Services Company in Gurgaon that can help you devise your existing system so you can deploy any commit or release to a new or existing test, dev or staging environment at the press of a button.

Configuration Management

Code snippets cannot execute without the required configurations, settings, and packages. A configuration management system captures all settings, and architecture of your infrastructure in GIT making it centrally accessible. The experts at Squareboat are adept in assisting you to create your organization’s very own Configuration Management Database which you can leverage to suit your specific business needs.

AWS Consulting

AWS is primarily designed to allow application providers, vendors, and ISVs to quickly and securely host their applications. It lets users the flexibility to choose the OS, programming language, web app platform, database, and other services. And it offers all this at affordable pricing packages. If you wish to utilize the best benefits of AWS for your business but aren’t sure where to start or how to do it, you can get in touch with a team of experts from Squareboat. We are the best DevOps services company in Gurgaon that can guide you around the specifics of AWS and explain how using it can be beneficial for your business.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Consulting

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the most affordable and user-friendly public cloud provider offering block storage capabilities. Google’s APIs are also the most effective and easiest-to-use. Squareboat is your go-to resource for GCP Consulting. Whether you’re looking for assistance with GCP migration, better manage your current GCP environment, or expansion of your capabilities within GCP, we can guide you.

Cloud Architecture

Cloud architecture broadly focuses on cloud components and provides services such as huge data storage, built-in-security mechanisms, and traffic control. Being the best DevOps consulting services in Gurgaon, Squareboat makes sure to deliver secure and scalable cloud services to clients and helps them make a smooth switch from an on-premise setup to the cloud.

DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning

Embracing DevOps helps organizations inculcate novel practices and transformational leadership goals. It pushes them towards faster time-to-market. But starting on the right path to CI and CD could be a bit challenging. That’s why we’re here to hold your hands. With deep knowledge and experience, Squareboat assesses the current state of your DevOps culture, process, and toolchain and helps you with the necessary actionable plans and other requirements.

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