Meet our team

We are a bunch of dreamers, designers, and futurists. We are high on collaboration, low on ego, and take our happy hours seriously. We take out time to celebrate our team's successes–and we celebrate often.

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Individually, we're a drop. Together, we're an ocean.
Team members or, say team players
Cups of coffee every week
Countless moments & jokes shared every day
Lines of code pushed every week
Our office and culture? It's Awesome! 🙌

It’s why we’re here. It’s why we come to work every day (well, it’s that and our epic office).

This company depends on the incredibly talented people you’ll find in every team: from developers to customer-experience, the designers on their Macs to the brand ambassadors on the ground.

Great perks for everyone.

Here are some of the major highlights and perks of working at Squareboat.


The world's best laptops + 22 inch LED Monitors for everyone

Office Parties
Office Parties

We celebrate everything from birthdays to work anniversaries and success stories!

Gaming Zone
Gaming Zone

Playstation, Table Tennis and plenty of more games to relax and have fun


Annual 24 Hour Hackathons with some great ideas and prizes!

Yearly Trip
Annual Trips

Once a year, we forget everything and travel like there's no tomorrow.

Tech Talks
Weekly Tech Talks

Knowledge is the only thing that grows when it's shared.

Why join Squareboat?

Meaningful and cutting edge work, constant learning, brilliant people, and a team guided by core values that promotes creativity and opportunity in everything we do. We listen and learn from the world around us and create life-changing products that impact millions of lives around the world for good.

The team Squareboat 🔥
Gaurav Gupta


Ashish Chakarborthy

Senior Graphic Designer

Vaibhav Bhasin

Software Engineer (Mobile)

Vinayak Sarawagi

Software Engineer

Ayushi Rathour

HR Manager

Sachin Sharma

Technical Lead - Frontend Engineering

Vijay Singh Khatri

Senior SEO Specialist

Aakriti Jain

Product Designer

Shri Pat Pal

Security Guard

Ankit Dixit

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Shilpa Chaudhary

QA Engineer

Sushmita Pandey

Frontend Engineer

Sundeep Sharma

QA Engineer

Tanmay Mohan

DevOps Engineer

Aayush Dutta

Technical Lead - Frontend Engineering

Prateek Gupta

Senior Product Designer

Naman Bhatnagar

Business Strategist

Madhuri Soni

Software Engineer

Anuj Kumar

Office Admin

Saransh Agrawal

Motion Graphics Designer

Sharad Kataria

Software Engineer

Shivam Saxena

Frontend Engineer

Nihal Arya

Software Engineer

Deepak Khandelwal

Senior Frontend Engineer

Anubhav Jain

Software Engineer

Simran Kaur Arora

Content Writer

Ashutosh Dwivedi

Software Engineer

Omil Munda

Office Assistant

Vedant Sharma

Software Engineer

Aarti Agrawal

Frontend Engineer

Anwar Husain

Software Engineer

Manish Pandey

Software Engineer

Akshay Kathpal

Software Engineer

Nayan Das

Office Assistant

Pintu Bayen

Office Assistant

Gunjan Kapoor

Frontend Engineer

Abhipsa Matura

QA Engineer

Abhishek Sharma

Software Engineer

Swati Jha

Frontend Engineer (Intern)

Dheeraj Bhavsar

Software Engineer

Nilesh Paliwal

Software Engineer

Prachi Saxena

Senior HR Manager

Sakshi Thapliyal

HR Executive

Rajat Yadav

Frontend Engineer


Software Engineer

Rasik Raj

Software Engineer

Bhavesh Bansal

Software Engineer

Sarthak Agrawal

Software Engineer

Rahul Sharma

Software Engineer

Wafiq Bandey

Frontend Engineer

Shreshth Bharadwaj

Business Development (Intern)

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Our work page contains detailed case studies on all the key projects we have done so far. Have a look!

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Meet the Captain

Meet the Captain (i.e. Founder) of Squareboat who is leading the Squareboat voyage along with his fantastic crew

Meet the Captain