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Living and breathing code since the age of 8

Gaurav started programming at the age of 8 with LOGO and Basic. By the age of 14, he built and sold his first website. At 23, he joined one of India's biggest and well known startups (SlideShare) which eventually got acquired by LinkedIn. At 29, he quit his job to run his own venture full-time.

Gaurav Gupta

An enviable track record at work

Gaurav has worked with startups (SlideShare-LinkedIn), prestigious educational institutions (TIFR) as well as big companies (Educomp, A typical day at work meant feature development, handling 30+ servers, ensuring nearly 100% uptime and lightning fast website response time. (See LinkedIn profile for more details)

Cutting edge technology & completely hands-on

Gaurav (and his team) are completely hands-on with cutting edge web and mobile technology, including PHP, Node.js, Angular, React, Vue.js, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS, Ionic, React Native, Kotlin (Android), Swift (iOS) etc. We love open sourcing some of our work on Github too. When we're not busy coding, we love hanging around on Hacker News and Stack Overflow.

Real testimonials by real people

Punctual, extremely professional and competent- a combination of skills that are rare to find in any technical consultant.
Co-Founder at Tripoto
An incredible developer, visionary, and human being I've had the pleasure of working with

Founder at KleverKid

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