Awfis, A Virtual Assistant to Make Your Meeting Room Experience a bliss!

We’re all familiar with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant—virtual assistants that help you save time and get things done at home like, turn on your TV, check the weather, set a reminder, or summon your car from the garage. These products are excellent in your personal life, but what about at work?

What if you had a virtual assistant that could do all of those things and more at your office? Just imagine how much more productive you can be by focusing on what’s important – getting work done with your team. Here at Squareboat, we strive to invent innovative features to help make your meeting room experiences more intuitive and intelligent than ever, with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We’re excited to share Awfis Virtual Assistant for Meeting Rooms, an Alexa skill developed by us. With the aim to make the process of ordering at the office cafeteria effortless and minimizing the human intervention required for the same, Awfis Alexa skill is a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of monotonous meeting rooms.

What is Awfis?

Awfis’s Alexa skill is a virtual assistant for meeting rooms, which eases the process of ordering from the cafeteria. This smart solution replaces the need for having intercoms or a full-time attendant in your meeting room. It takes the order from you and conveys it to the pantry, thereby saving a lot of time and effort and also making the whole process intriguing and fun. It has a set of direct commands which can be given for placing specific orders like ordering tea or coffee.

Let’s walk through how this works.

1. Place an order with a few simple words.

Short on time? Just say “Alexa, launch Awfis,” and you’re in. Need to order from the cafeteria quickly? It’s as easy as saying, “Alexa, ask Awfis to order three water, two tea, three coffee.” or “Alexa, ask Awfis to order one tea.”, or whatever your order is. Your order will be placed, and you can enjoy the ease of technology with a sip of your favorite beverage.

2. Want anything else from the cafeteria?

Is there any other help that you would like to get from the cafeteria? With just a few words, Awfis can help you with it. You only need to say, “Alexa, ask Awfis to send Café Help.” and Awfis will send a notification to the concerned department, and you will shortly receive help from the same.

3. Get Admin Help.

In case you need some help from the admin, you can just ask Awfis to do that for you. Simply say, “Alexa, ask Awfis to send Admin Help.”, and the concerned department will be.

We are beholding a rise in the number of IoT devices having decorated sensors and Intelligence (AI). Hence making seamless human interactions with these IoT devices is the need of the day. Mobile apps paved the way for interacting with the services and devices with their flexible and dynamic UI.

This made interaction effortless instead of pressing hard knobs and buttons on the devices. However, the niche of “Conversational AI” is trying to push this mode of communication further to make it more natural, just as we speak to one another. Alexa is the result of such efforts in the Conversational AI field by Amazon.

With the rising popularity of Alexa, having an Alexa skill (or for any virtual assistant, for that matter) built for your business or office will ensure that you are up-to-date when it comes to technology and make all your processes quicker and smoother. Voice-enabled technology is the future. Businesses can target a large customer base with these Alexa skills. With voice-enabled platforms, customers can engage with your product and services using their voice. If you wish to get a virtual assistant built for yourself or your business, contact us today.

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