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For a website or web app to continually appeal to end-users, the User Experience (UX) should be top-notch. The slightest slip in designing customer-centric UI/UX can lead to disastrous ripple effects. The online world is full of slick designs and intuitive interfaces and if you wish to make your mark in the business world, you need to get ahead of the game.

Squareboat is home to experienced design teams that are equipped to build engaging websites and mobile apps easily and quickly. We are famed to be the best at handcrafting beautiful UI/UX designs and delivering Website Design Services which meet our clients’ visions and goals. Building eye-catching designs powered by the latest technologies remains our primary focus and motto.

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Our primary Service Categories include

ui design services

UI Design

A good User Interface (UI) can go a long way in establishing likeability for your website or app. The more engaged a user is, the more chances of him converting into a long term customer. We give credit to this fact and design UI solutions that ensure your product becomes attractive and lovable. Using trending technologies like Sketch, Photoshop, Marvel, Framer, and Illustrator, we ensure that your website fosters better customer interaction and pulls in more business for you.
ux design services

UX Design

In addition to putting up a good front, ensuring that a user finds the right information at the right place is imperative. As soon as a user lands up on your page, he should be able to navigate easily and locate everything he wishes to about your product and services. That’s what forms the basis of User Experience (UX) design. Squareboat pays special attention to UX design and strives to give your customers a clear picture of how things are. Our preferred tools for UX design include Invision, Adobe Creative Suite, Balsamiq, and more.

We offer an extensive bucket of Web Design Services


Logo & Graphics Design

A logo establishes your brand’s identity. Having a powerful logo that conveys some meaningful information about your business can entice potential customers and establish trust. Squareboat works to deliver the most logical as well as attractive logos that perfectly suit your business model and goals. Additionally, our teams are adept in delivering best-in-class graphic design services which are in line with trending templates of brochure and image designs to give you an amazing web designing experience.

Website Redesigning

Designing new websites is often as critical as keeping existing ones updated as per the latest technological trends. Squareboat is a Web Design Company that partners with global clients not only for designing new websites from scratch but also for redesigning existing websites. If you feel that your current landing pages need a look-and-feel revamp, join hands with us and our analysts will scan and suggest significant changes to turn your business’ online impact around.

Mobile App Design

Mobile apps are critical to the success of any business since they define how well placed a company’s digital marketing strategies are. But with the plethora of such apps hitting the market each day, the task of standing out is quite daunting. With Squareboat by your side, you don’t need to worry. We compile your visions and objectives into the most relevant and dynamic mobile application that not only helps you cut through the competition but also establish your brand.

Mobile Responsive Websites

In today’s mobile-driven world, more than 80% of people use smartphones to access websites and web apps. Thus, if you have an online presence, you need to make sure that your hold over the mobile arena is equally pertinent. The experts at Squareboat design websites and web apps such that they work beautifully on mobile devices as well. We provide our customers with fully touch-sensitive interfaces that have outstanding graphic quality.

Customized Template Designs

Tired of hiring people who refuse to follow specifications perfectly? We won’t disappoint you! One of our primary goals is living up to customer expectations to the letter. We build highly customized templates that perfectly fit your current web site’s theme and align with what your visions are.

UI and UX consulting

Being the best website design company in Gurgaon, we strive for excellence. Squareboat helps bridge the gap between the human brain and digital applications. Bringing user research and user testing into perspective, we offer amazing UI/UX consulting services that help you understand the magnitude of creating exceptional UI.

Branding & Corporate Identity Design

In the world of business, a good name is everything. That’s why Branding and Corporate Identity building is extremely important. They are the first message you send to your clients and thus, they must be striking enough to catch their attention right away. Squareboat provides the best Web Design Services in Gurgaon that perfectly capture your uniqueness and help you frame the right message to get across to your clients. We work closely with you to make sure you stand apart from the competition and make your individual mark.

Information Architecture and Wireframe Designs

For a website to convey the intended message in an engaging way, it should have intuitive navigation. The information architecture should be organized in such a manner that it connects your audience to the content they need. We develop clickable wireframe prototypes to visually demonstrate information priorities, basic layout, and navigational structure. We take your persona into consideration along with responsive website designing to help you reduce your costs and maximize ROI.

Interaction Design

Interaction Design (IxD) is the design of interactive products and services in a way where the designer’s focus goes beyond the item in development to include the way users will interact with it. The designer needs to closely scrutinize user needs, limitations, considerations, etc. to mold the product such that it meets precise demands. We are a leading Interaction Design Company where experts pay attention to your business goals and help design UI/UX that appeal to your customers in unique ways.

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